Here is what participants who have attended a HERS-SA ACADEMY have had to say:

"Thank you so much HERS! This has been a profoundly meaningful experience! A complete luxury to spend time learning, listening and reflecting on where I am now. I have learnt about myself, my career anchors and reasons why I do things. I have resolved to do a PhD ASAP & promote ethics issues in the department and the classroom."

"It's been a wonderful RICH learning experience and affirmation of one's worth as a leader. I am so pleased I applied to participate."

"(The ACADEMY) gave me new perspectives into other areas of HE. I also learnt a lot about how I can do things better! Very important! Need to get out of my comfort zone!"

"I would not have considered applying for my job as Assistant Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs had it not been for my HERS-SA experience."

"HERS-SA has been a worthwhile experience. I have benefited a lot and in the next few years I am going to land into a leadership position."

"This week I met women with BIG hearts. In fact I am honored to have been part of this phenomenal experience. I loved it. THANK YOU!"

"I am so fired up I cannot wait to go back and start spreading the word. Now I know I have the confidence to make decisions to start acting actively with knowledge. Not even the sky is the limit now!"

"I was particularly thrilled at the wealth of expertise in various aspects of higher education. It was unusual to see the balance of academic theory and practical experience by the presenters."

"I am here for the second time (I attended in 2006). Again I enjoyed it very much, met wonderful and inspiring women from all over Africa. I experienced a vibrant vibe from the first day..."

"It has been a worthwhile experience for me as I've expanded my network links. The presentations were interesting, valuable, empowering and challenging".

The following testimonials from women who attended a HERS-SA mini-ACADEMY highlight the benefits to professional development that are derived from being a HERS-SA Alumnae:

"I have benefited on aspects that were lacking in my professional life."

"This mini-ACADEMY has made me realise that I need a dedicated career plan."

"Not only worthwhile but extremely empowering."

" It was a great platform to learn skills. Great networking platform to meet successful women and learn from their experiences."

" I think we should do it more often to update knowledge in different leadership disciplines."

"An invaluable experience. Gained a lot of useful information and the networking assisted once again in making friends and sharing."

"It was very informative, not only to my academic career but also for my personal development."

"Yes I really benefited - I think it is because of the lesser numbers of members attending - and the presenter had time to attend to us and our issues /problems."

"Definitely, happy to discover that all the women have common challenges and we need to dwell on positive things that we can control. I will be back just to reinvent myself."

"It revised the discussions we explored at the main ACADEMY. Had time to reflect on the choices that we discussed at the main ACADEMY."

"It was more practical and focused than the ACADEMY. They both have been very helpful and are equally important."

"It has given an opportunity for me to reflect on leadership and strengths of my organization and more."

"I leave feeling very much empowered about new methods that can be used in leadership."

"Absolutely great - the space, shared experiences, the topics covered, insights learned, tools shared - all invaluable."

"HERS really means a lot for the development of women - Thank you!"