Professional Development


Does HERS-SA offer any scholarships or financial assistance to applicants wishing to attend a programme?

No scholarships are currently available to sponsor applicants (or students seeking funds for their higher education studies). You are however, urged to contact your institution's skills development Director/Manager situated in the Human Resources Department, to ascertain if a central skills budget is available to sponsor your application to attend a HERS-SA programme.

How does one get to apply to attend a HERS-SA event?

Each institution's approach to nominate women to attend a HERS-SA programme varies. In some cases, nominations to attend a HERS-SA programme are centrally determined, and HERS-SA has been asked not to accept independent applications. In other cases, institutions have opted to adopt a mixed approach, where women are centrally nominated and funded, while at the same time also allowing departments or faculties to independently nominate and sponsor delegates using their own budgets. Finally, some institutions require that women source their own funding and independently forward their application to attend a HERS-SA programme.

Can I only attend some presentations / workshops in an ACADEMY programme rather than the full programme?

All HERS-SA programmes are carefully crafted to offer participants an integrated understanding of the different facets of the higher education landscape, and participants would therefore mostly benefit from attending the full programme. Applications are therefore not accepted for selected events on the programme.  The HERS-SA  residential programme also provides women with time away from the pressures of their daily routines, which allows space for personal reflection needed to identify their personal and career aspirations.

Why choose HERS-SA?

HERS-SA is a registered non-profit organisation which has a long track record of supporting the career advancement of women in higher education since 2000. The first HERS-SA program was funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 2000. Over the next four years, 73 women travelled from South Africa to attend a HERS Summer Institute in the USA at Wellesley College and to gain exposure to administrative practice at several U.S. colleges and universities. HERS-SA participants were mentored by women leaders at the host institutions in the USA, where programmes focused on strategic planning, change leadership, human resource development and institutional effectiveness.

In 2002, HERS-SA shifted its emphasis to offer an ACADEMY for women leaders in Cape Town, South Africa. Today, HERS-SA is a recognised brand whose programmes continue to receive the support of the majority of higher education institutions located in South Africa and internationally, as women from these institutions are regularly nominated to attend a HERS-SA ACADEMY.

Our programmes also continue to receive the generous participation of guest speakers and facilitators, many of whom occupy senior leadership positions and who serve as powerful role-models to our delegates.

Women who attend our programmes are also provided with a support system as they have opportunities to network with other women working in the sector.

HERS-SA has compiled an alumnae database which is regularly updated and through which we maintain regular contact with our alumnae.

Women who have participated in our ACADEMIES have gone on to occupy senior leadership positions in higher education. Hence, HERS-SA is proud to have as part of its alumnae the Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor, two Vice-Chancellors, Deans, Head of Departments and other women in support services leadership positions.