About the mentorship programme

The mentorship programme is designed for women leaders in higher education. The purpose of mentoring is to support women in higher education both in the academic and support areas in achieving personal mastery and career success within the higher education environment.

The mentorship journey should be both transformational and functional; it allows women leaders to tap into the skills and resources that build internal and external capacity.  It seeks to build strategic relationships, effective teams and develop skills to navigate and impact the academic landscape.


Mentoring can be described as a developmental process that may involve a transfer of skill or knowledge from a more experienced to a less experienced person through learning dialogue and role modelling. In the context of the HERS-SA Mentorship Programme, the mentor is a specialist role, and the mentor will provide input and advice within their specific area of expertise.

Who is eligible for mentoring?

The recipients of mentoring will be female leaders both from the Academic and Support streams in Higher Education Institutions who are HERS-SA Alumna, which may range from aspiring leaders to executive leaders.

Who is eligible to become a mentor?

Mentors should have experience in the academic environment where they can transfer skills and experience to navigate the particular challenges in the environment.  Mentors will be drawn from the Higher Education field on a volunteer basis.

Want to be a mentor?

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