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Choose the best women’s leadership development solution for your organisation from the list provided below. We also offer open, mixed-gender leadership programs. Alternatively, we can do a bespoke program tailor-made for your organisation’s needs.
  1. Women in Leadership (3 days)
  2. Career Planning for women academics (4 hours)
  3. Career Planning for women support staff (4 hours)
  4. Practising Self-Care 2.0 (4 hours)
  5. Agile Leadership (1 day)
  6. Coaching and Mentorship (4 hours)
  7. Igniting your Passion from within (1 day)
  8. Strategic Management – The Process (1 day)
  9. Institutional governance (1 day)
  10. Time Management (4 hours)
  11. Leading Conflict effectively in the workplace (1 day)
  12. Media Training for Women Leaders in Higher Education (1 day)
  13. Leadership and personal communication (1 day)
  14. Coaching beyond Retirement/Planning your exit
  15. Workplace bullying and creating an enabling a safe workspace
  1. Executive Coaching service for women
  2. Mentorship service for women

Half-day (4 hours)


1-Day training


2 Days training

R 3200


2% discount for booking for more than 10 delegates 5% discount for booking for more than 25 delegates

Bespoke training

The price is negotiable


R3500/session R30000 for 10 sessions


R1500 for mentorship R12000 for 10 sessions

Group Coaching

R 100000 for a group of 10 for 5 sessions

Group Mentorship

R50000 for a group of 10 for 5 sessions

HERS-SA training is designed to develop women leaders in higher education using a socio-ecological model (Figure 1) which focuses on an individual, interpersonal relations, understanding of the institutional functions and governance system and the community outside the institution (local, national and globally). Socio-ecological training and development model framework
    • Individual
    • Interpersonal
    • Organisational
    • Macro level (Nationally and globally) The training responds to the current needs of women in higher education, who have to lead in a gendered, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.
  • HERS-SA training is designed to enable women to lead in the VUCA world. Women
    • HoDs
    • Directors
    • Managers
    • Senior Managers
    • Aspiring leaders
  • The training list is listed alphabetically


    Participants will learn about the does and don’ts of applying for a leadership role. The training is designed to equip women applying for leadership positions with the insight, skills and practice needed to navigate the often-challenging academic search process.

    This training will empower participants to uncover, analyse and strengthen their unique characteristics that will enable them to lead with authenticity and purpose.

    This training is designed for women to

    • Discover the secrets to eliminating the noise in your life so you can focus on your own growth and success.
    • Develop a clear vision of your ideal future and a plan to make it happen.
    • Learn how to set boundaries in a way that asserts your power without burning bridges.
    • Master real techniques to ask for what you want and what you are worth.


    This training will introduce support staff to career planning models. Participants will explore a framework for considering one’s career options and specific actions to take to achieve career goals

    This training will introduce academic staff to career planning models. Participants will explore a framework for considering one’s career options and specific actions to take to achieve career goals.

    This training will introduce participants to key knowledge, attitudes and skills pertaining to coaching and mentorship and how women can leverage on coaching and mentorship to enable them to achieve their career goals.

    The training will enable participants to lead and communicate powerfully in different setting. This will include making connections, communicating with clarity, navigating conflict and delivering a compelling argument to persuade others.

    Participants will learn about the value of engaging with the external stakeholder to influence and be influenced by the external environment as part of driving change and creating brand visibility.

    Participants will be empowered to utilise their power effectively and efficiently to create and support their staff by creating a learning environment.

    This training will provide participants with skills to understand what is and not bullying using an ecological perspective. Manager will be enabled to identify who, when, why bullying takes place and come up with bullying interventions that will enable a humanising working space.

    Participants will maximise the technology and stakeholder interface in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA).  Navigating the unique challenges with better cultural and multi-generational awareness.

    This training will empower participants to understand the powers and politics of higher education. Importantly learn how to navigate the higher education. Further exploring good governance as a sustainable approach in managing finance and people.

    The training explores the relational power of networks, partnerships and collaborations, within and outside the university. Further, providing strategies and tactics that can be used to build and maintain lasting relations.

    Learn how to bring people with you as you lead or manage organisational change and navigate challenges to keep them on-board.

    This training will provide the support staff with an introduction to research publishing. Participants will learn about the types of scholarly articles published in journals and the format that is best suited for research articles. Understand the importance of getting published as support staff as part of career management.

    Participants will learn about the both the mindset shift and skillset to succeed as leaders. This will help you challenge your constraints, exercise your power and hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals.

    This training is designed for managers to help them identify and plan the future strategy, to help them understand current structures and challenges, as well as to forecast changes needed, to be fit for the future

    Participants will learn about leadership, the characteristics of women leader, barriers, enablers and how women leader can promote their work.

    Participants will learn about the ideal proposal structure and gain a holistic understanding of the essential factors, which determine whether or not a program gets funded.

    HERS-SA works with trained and accredited coaches to offers personal coaching to women leaders in higher education, seeking personal and career growth. Coaching is offered face-to-face/online over a period of 6 months (one coaching session per month X 6). In 2020 and 2021 we worked with HELM Women in Leadership Programme and Cape Peninsula University of Technology and leaders have found coaching empowering and have thus request to have more coaching services.

    Daily fee [08:30 – 16:00]

    For the cost of training per individual please refer to the training schedule provided

    Two days’ fee

    For the cost of training per individual please refer to the training schedule provided

    Three days’ fee

    For the cost of training per individual please refer to the training schedule provided

    In-house rate:

    25 delegates*, Please contact us via email for costing (an additional fee per delegate if it is above 25 delegate [Venue and catering costs will be at the cost of the university]

    Executive Coaching

    R36 000

    Coaching (Mid-level)

    R24 000

    This course will assist you to facilitate conflict situations effectively in the workspace. After
    completing this course you will be able to:
    – Differentiate between effective and ineffective conflict;
    – Understand the role EQ, CQ and SQ plays in Conflict Handling;
    – Distinguish between the different phases of conflict;
    – Understand the role perception and assumptions plays in conflict handling;
    – Discover your own conflict handling style;
    – Discover different creative conflict handling facilitation techniques for effective
    problem solving;
    – Play the role of mediator and coach in a conflict handling situation.

    This course will assist you to develop your skills and confidence as an Agile Leader. After
    completing the course you will:
    – Understand the true essence of Agility.
    – Distinguish between traditional, Model 21 st organisations and Agile organisations.
    – Evaluate the competencies, behaviours and characteristics of an Agile leader;
    – Identify your own strengths as an Agile leader;
    – Lead and manage agile high-performance teams through OKR’s;
    – Lead change effectively through understanding your brain.

    This course is a high energy motivational course that will uplift any leader from within.
    After completing this course, you will be able to:
    – Re-discover your own core purpose, values and passion again;
    – Understand your internal motivators as well as believe system;
    – Recognize your own personal triggers that might steal away your passion and
    – Implement the technique of Thought Self Leadership to manage negative thinking
    – Participate in storytelling;
    – Understand the importance of a Healthy Mindplatter;
    – Set a strong integrated lifestyle/wellness goal for yourself to live out your passion
    within the workspace;

    The training will focus on how academics can plan and advance their careers from
    early to mid-career. The following outcomes will be achieved:
    1. Understanding how the difference between an academic career and non-
    academic career affects the academic career planning process
    2. Identifying and understanding the 5 key aspects of the academic career
    planning process
    3. Creating an academic career plan based on the above 5 key aspects

    The training will focus on how participants can boost their productivity and
    efficiency through effective time management. The following outcomes will be
    1. Understanding what Time Management really is
    2. Creating alignment between vision/goals, and prioritising tasks
    3. Developing the three key skills for maximising productivity and efficiency
    4. Learning one simple exercise/technique to improve productivity and time
    management by 80%

    The training will focus on the benefits of coaching and/or mentorship for
    participants. The following outcomes will be achieved:
    1. Understanding the difference between coaching and mentorship
    2. Learning 5 ways that coaching and mentoring can fast track desired
    3. Learning how to identify the best coach/mentor to work with
    4. Understanding why investing in a coach/mentor is the key to holistic
    future success

    A day-long workshop on media engagement with experienced higher education
    journalist Edwin Naidu. He will guide you through the art of refining your
    academic work into a story that is accessible to a broader audience. How do you
    draw people in with relevant angles? How do you tell your story without over-
    simplifying it? Throughout the day, practical exercises and examples will be used
    to help you get the best results. There will be plenty of interaction between the
    trainer and each other. Sessions are meant to be interactive so that you leave
    clear on why it is important to tell your story through the media.
    The workshop includes exploring social media and how best to use it to get
    greater exposure for you and your work. You will also learn how to perform
    effectively in a media interview. Tips will be given on preparation, appearance,
    and delivery. There will be an opportunity for people to be interviewed on camera
    in a live session. However, the interview will be conducted on a virtual level as if
    one is a radio platform.

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