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Women in academia – Different views of success

The last 12 years has seen a plethora of writings on the experiences of women academics, describing how the challenges and barriers they face differ from their male counterparts. However, even earlier Nadya Aisenberg and Mona Harrington wrote in the 1988 study Women of Academe:

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Three Dangerous Myths About Women Negotiators

Last month a participant in an executive workshop started to ask, “Isn’t it true that women negotiators…” Before he even finished his question, people’s eyebrows went up. Was he about to say something politically incorrect? And if he did, how would I respond?…there’s been a

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Why So Few Women College Presidents

Women are significantly underrepresented among higher education presidents. Today, only 26% of the college presidents in the U.S. are women while more than 57% of the students in colleges and universities are women. Women have been in the majority among undergraduate students since 1980 and

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Why Men Need Women

WHAT makes some men miserly and others generous? What motivated Bill Gates, for example, to make more than $28 billion in philanthropic gifts while many of his billionaire peers kept relatively tightfisted control over their personal fortunes? New evidence reveals a surprising answer. The mere

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R.I.P. Work-Life Balance

This week, I’m scheduled to spend lunch speaking to a group of women on the ever elusive concept of work-life balance. I’ve been to this rodeo before, and I’m sure you have too. In circles of professional women, it’s hard to be in a room

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Giving women in academia genuine equal opportunities

I want to use this occasion to share some thoughts about how to give women in academia a fair chance. I’m not talking about affirmative action or quota, but rather making both the environment more welcoming to women, the formal practices fairer to women, and

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