Eradicating poor gender and race habits in universities

Patriarchal and racist institutional culture at universities must be challenged visibly, a conference for women working in higher education has heard.  When a man is being sexist, call him out on it immediately and say: ‘No, I won’t let you talk to me like that’,”

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Mind the Gap: The place of women in higher education

The experience of women in academics is often a journey of construction and a negotiation of identities, writes Dr Machika.  The traditional ‘place’ of woman in higher education was in the role of teacher or secretary. With greater access to higher education over the past

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The academy must bridge the gender divide

A complex of practices exclude women in favour of men, even when the latter are mediocre.   Why are there so few senior women in the academy?  The excuses are well worn, if not by now downright offensive: there are not enough women academics; women

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