Coaching releases the potential within clients to achieve superior performance by building competence to deal with their life situations. In action, this means coaches work with their clients through dialogue, practice and action to open up insights and possibilities and design a unique coaching programme for them. Practically speaking, successful coaching achieves the following outcomes:

  • The ability to self-correct
  • The ability to generate own solutions
  • An increased level of self-awareness
  • Deeper thinking skills
  • Superior performance
  • Stronger working relationships and team performance
  • Long-term excellence

Leadership falls into the domains of the individual, the team and the system, and the interactions/relationships between these, and is made up of the leadership behaviours that emerge over time. When the leader is strong, both the team and the organisation benefit. The coaching programme is founded on the Integral Model from Richard Barrett the Value’s Driven Organisation (2017) that integrates the leader, team and organisation.

Leaders are dealing with not only their personal development but are navigating systemic and multi-layered challenges in the workplace and at home that includes the stress, challenges, support and lack thereof. The role of the coach is to work with the internal and external changes clients want to see in their leadership that would allow them to impact the environment in which they serve. It is an opportunity to explore the barriers and opportunities for growth in a space of psychological safety. This leadership programme focuses on the individual regarding the internal drivers and how that change shows up externally in their leadership context.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them” – John Whitmore, in Coaching for Performance.


Coaching can be 6 months (6 sessions) or 12 months (12 session) long.

The team

HERS-SA works with 16 registered coaches to achieve the best possible results for our clients who work and have worked in higher education. As a result, we have access to a range of expertise and methodologies within our coaching panel. The coaches consist of executive coaches, learning specialists, psychologists and leadership consultants with experience in managing projects. Together, they have a range of qualifications and are accredited by bodies like the HPCSA, COMENSA, ICF, and THE EMCC.

Recent Client

USAf – HELM WiL Programme

USAf, Higher Education Leadership Management (HELM) Women in Leadership Coaching. We have recently coached 26 women from 18 universities at DVC to HoD level.


Some of their testimonies

“The practical tools I was provided with enabled me to integrate them into my practice especially in attempt to deal with challenges in a tactful manner.”

“It has helped me to stand still for a time each day to think about how I am doing my job and how I can improve. I am learning to create very practical ways to solve problems and overcome challenges.”

“My coaching sessions have empowered me and provided me with suitable tools to impact my current environment.”

Recent Client

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

We offered coaching service to 39 staff members.
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Some of their testimonies

“One of the main goals I set for the goal journey at the beginning has helped me daily. It helps me focus when things get hectic or overwhelming and reminds me of the special talents I have to offer.”

“The coaching has assisted me in having a clear understanding and appreciation of my current position.”

“The coaching process has helped me to understand how important it is to always be in sync with my challenges and shortcomings and put strategies in place on how to deal with any situation.”

“The coach was able to understand my current growth and help me identify the areas that I could focus on this journey.”