it is with great excitement to announce that HERS-SA has been recognised and certified as a TOP GENDER EMPOWERED COMPANY FOR 2022. A Top Gender Empowered Company is ranked for actively creating initiatives to sustainably celebrate and uplift women and making a contribution to gender empowerment.


This recognition is welcomed and has been made possible by dedicated staff, board members, universities and various stakeholders who continue to work with us in driving gender transformation in higher education.


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HERS-SA is an independent chapter of HERS Mid-America. Ongoing contact and co-operation have grown in both directions. Inspired by the American HERS programme and with the initial support of the Andrew W Mellon Foundation, HERS-SA first began offering professional development programmes for academic and Professional Administrative Support Service women in South Africa in 2000.
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HERS-SA differentiates itself from its competitors (generally larger national companies) through competitive pricing and the development of unique leadership development and training that speaks to the higher education context. This training is facilitated by staff and associates who have worked and understand the higher education context.
HERS-SA Vision

HERS-SA Academy

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Emerging Women
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HERS-SA Higher Education Women In Leadership Awards Call

HERS-SA Vision

HERS-SA Academy

HERS-SA Mission

Emerging Women
Leaders Programme

HERS-SA Higher Education Women In Leadership Awards Call

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The professional development programmes for women employed in the higher education sector, offered by HERS-SA, are intended to provide participants with relevant, practical information that will enhance their effectiveness, in a secure, supportive environment. Professional development interventions may take the form of conference, seminars and an annual Academy. (Six mini-Academies exclusively for HERS-SA alumnae were hosted between 2011 & 2016. However due to funding constraints experienced by many higher education institutions, this programme will not be offered in 2017). The active ingredients in any intervention include the materials, the facilitators, networking amongst the participants, exposure to role models and a space to compare notes, swop experiences and gain support from each other. These ingredients mix and blend with each other throughout the developing process.
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