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View our List of trainings PURPOSE HERS-SA training is designed to develop women leaders in higher education using a socio-ecological model (Figure 1) which focuses on an individual, interpersonal relations, understanding of the institutional functions and governance system and the community outside the institution (local,

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Contact HERS-SA Higher Education if you would like more information about HERS-SA or the programmes we offer, please fill out the adjacent online enquiry form and we will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your enquiry! Facebook-square Linkedin Twitter-square Youtube-square Learning Lifting

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TOP GENDER EMPOWERED COMPANY 2022 it is with great excitement to announce that HERS-SA has been recognised and certified as a TOP GENDER EMPOWERED COMPANY FOR 2022. A Top Gender Empowered Company is ranked for actively creating initiatives to sustainably celebrate and uplift women and

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