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The Rise of Women

The facts of women being more likely than men to go to college, perform better academically, and major in fields other than science, technology, engineering and mathematics are mostly attributable to factors affecting students before – in some cases, long before – they enter the

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Deeply Troubling Stats about Women

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has written a book called “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”. It’s an unapologetic manifesto aimed at fixing one of the world’s biggest problems: a lack of women in power. Sandberg says there are all sorts of reasons

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Gender Balance Can Make Universities Better

I used to think that one inevitable side effect of improving university workplaces would be the removal of some of the barriers to gender equality. But as I talked with more women at universities and as I read more research about bias, I came to

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Rise for Female Faculty to Correct Salary Inequity

The University of British Columbia in Canada is offering all full-time female faculty a 2% salary raise in an effort to correct gender-based salary inequities. In a memo sent to all academics on 21 January, the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) administration and faculty association

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Life as a Captive of the Job-Market

The academic job market is an exercise in captivity, and I am still its prisoner. To some extent I’ve ensured my place in this life by acceding to the terms of academe. I’ve defended my dissertation, and so I’ve unofficially transformed myself from Eunice Williams,

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The Marriage Factor

Marriage appears to speed up the advancement of male historians but slow down that of female historians, according to new data from the American Historical Association. The new study by Robert B. Townsend, deputy director of the AHA comes from a survey of 2,240 associate

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Gender and the Dual Career Academic Couple

In an effort to map the shape of the dual career challenge, the Clayman Institute for Research on Gender at Stanford University did a survey of 30,000 faculty at 13 universities. The study was headed by Londa Schiebinger, Andrea Henderson, and Shannon Gilmartin. When academics

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Big Idea 2013: Flexibility Without Shame

The US economic recovery is tepid at best, with growth in short supply. At the same time, progress on gender diversity has stalled, with the number of women in senior roles plateauing. Solving the second challenge can help the first. Fully engaging women in the

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How Can Men Help Women?

As one of five men in a remarkable class of 40 people on Gender and Peacebuilding (, I posed several questions to the women on how men can help women achieve greater involvement, participation, representation in the areas of governance, civil society leadership, and social

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